"I don't have to be a mean manager - Streamline is my enforcer." Nadia Cronje, CEO, Interact Accounting Services

Task Scheduling and Issue Tracking

Work flows.  Business grows.

Task Management

Simplify task management and tracking. Never drop the ball, or allow your team to drop the ball. See your business productivity skyrocket!

Build a central web- based database of all your customers, supplier, leads, their needs, and what your team is doing about it. Never disappoint the customer.

Standardise processes & project management. Co-ordinate multiple resources and complex work flows which requires the collaboration of many remote people or departments.

Track, deliver and archive all documents – quotes, images, faxes, emails, scans and any other electronic files - that flow through the organisation.


Work from anywhere. Access your virtual office via Streamline over the web, from your phone, PDA, PC, laptop or Internet café.

Communicate efficiently inside and outside the organisation. No duplication, misunderstanding or forgetting.

With diary and calendar management you can schedule events and appointments with people and stay on schedule with event reminders via email and SMS notifications.

Query the system and build reports easily. View what has actually been done, when, by whom, how long it took and what still needs to be done!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 14:53

How Quickly a Year Flies!

It has already been a year since SL4 launched. and what a year it has been! Streamline 4 has been a smash hit and has been installed at many clients, including a number of brokerages (short term and investment), accounting companies, agencies, and even a call center and a radio station (Northwest FM) ! All these companies have one thing in common - they want to keep track of their clients and their requirements, and make sure the needs of their clients are met.

Streamline was recently installed at System 5, a Johannesburg based IT company that provides 'effective products and services to small and medium enterprises in South Africa, through innovative and personalized IT solutions'. This is what Gregory Botha, their MD had to say:

"Hi Pieter,

I thought I would drop you an email and say “Well Done” on SL4. It is a revelation and a huge improvement on SL3 and a pleasure to use .

It should surely be the market leader in tasking and collaboration by now."

Thanks Greg!


Whats New?

We spent quite a bit of time last year on getting interaction between tasks and data right. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. We can now design custom 'datasets' that manage and track complex information and tasks. This makes it possible to quickly customise Streamline for any business' needs. We are in the process of building standard libraries for various industries. (Insurance brokerages, for instance, need to track Leads, Policy Modifications and Claims - and all the attendant paperwork. Done)

Whats Next?

Exciting possibilities have opened up. We installed Streamline at a large Short Term Insurance Brokerage last year called Smit Garrun, part of the Garrun Group. They also had a need to record voice conversations they have with their clients - and have these voice clips available to staff for reference purposes from within Streamline. We collaborated with their telephony vendors. The results are going in as we speak!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012 15:36

Streamline 4 Debuts with Flying Colours at GBM Auditors

After more than 2 years of development, thousands of lines of code and lots of anguish, we are proud to announce that the Streamline 4 task management system has been installed and is running happily at GBM Accountants & Auditors, its first client. The installation went surprisingly smoothly and training was done within two hours. After a days' usage, Warren Butt, B.Compt (Hons) CA (SA), senior partner at GBM, had this to say:

"Warren : 13 Feb 18:17 : Pieter, na die eerste dag moet ek se jou system kook." (verbatim quote in Streamline 4, loosely translated as:  "Pieter, after one day I must tell you that the system rocks.")

We were especially pleased at how easily the users took to it; Judging from the lack of support questions since the training, and the quick uptake, we believe that the new interface is achieving one of the primary goals of the redevelopment: To make Streamline user-friendly and intuitive.

GBM approached us a few months ago because of their frustration at not being able to keep track of ongoing audits and client requests. They had tried everything, from weekly meetings, to tasks in Microsoft Outlook. We hope they will be happy with their decision to go with Streamline, and wish them all the best.

Wednesday, 08 December 2010 02:00

Getting the Right People to DO the Right Thing at the Right Time.

That's a pretty good definition of management, don't you think? "Getting the Right People to DO the Right Thing at the Right Time." - it sounds pretty simple and straightforward. And it follows out mantra of 'Who? What? When?' nicely as well (with the DO bit in capitals, note: "Execute,Execute,Execute"). The problem is that, as far as management thinking goes, that is about the most consensus we're going to get out of a room full of consultants and analysts.

Friday, 16 April 2010 02:00

About change, lightbulbs and boiling frogs

You may have heard the story of the frog and boiling water: put a frog in boiling water, it will immediately jump out.  However, if you put the frog in while the water is cool and slowly bring it to the boil, the frog will not jump out, but will eventually cook.

Thursday, 01 April 2010 02:00

Taken over by my cellphone

You stand in front of the meeting, desperately trying to drag people’s attention away from their iPhones (or whatever other handheld device is currently popular in your office).  You get more and more frustrated as no-one listens to your brilliant presentation that you prepared, working late into the night.

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